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Monday, 24 March 2014

A Journey called Life

I walk alone in a world full of people who have been somehow a part of my life. There were some who were tied to me by blood; some relations whom I chose to accept were my friends and my beloveds. And then there were “them”. “Them” are more human than humans and some of their prized possessions are loyalty and selfless love. Abandoned by all, they still never lose hope of finding a new parent, or a friend, a companion or at least a well-wisher. 

Can you ever imagine yourself being dragged out of your own home forcefully and what belonged to you for most part of your life can not be yours anymore just because someone else told you so. What appears to be unimaginable to you, is part of their everyday life. They live on the streets with utmost pride and call it their home. A broken shoe to you is a new toy for them; a leftover loaf of bread is, well, party... 

They are not thieves or beggars but wanderers teaching you how to survive. Struggle is what they get in inheritance. They've brought life into a lonely street with their existence. Oh how they wag their tails when they see you and hop around with joy if you bring them their favorite treat. They wait for me every day to just whistle at them or scratch their head and say “hello”. 

Without them, my home street will lose its soul. I call these marvelous creations of God my “animal buddies”.

-- Ruchi Jain (Animal Lover)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Just Love Is All We Need !!

Do you really think life is as simple as you think it is, I don't think so every living thing in this world need love to lead their life as a need of water and food. As we need friends, family, life partner and children in our life because they are part of it and if we still feel lonely we bring a small pet at home so that we can share some valuable moments with them share love with them provide them care, food and shelter. They become part of our family and even they feel the same for us. Pet is a most loyal friend of a human as we all know whether it is dog, cat, guinea pig, rat, monkey, or any other animal they know how to pay back the love they get from human.

But we human forget them, some people start finding them irritating at a stage when their pet grow up but when they were small they were adorable. some bring them home to fulfill their need of children and when they get their own they leave their pet to die as they start to think it can infect their children. what kind of humans they are !! in my opinion they don't themselves deserve to live. and definatelly those who think beating these poor animals make any sense, and even it is said that "punishing any mute is the most unforgivable crime in the eyes of god". beating with anything in hand, closing them in dark closet, leaving them alone in house, and even shout on them unneccessarily. just think what is the meaning of your life without love and care and even food sometime. Blind Dog Living in a Trash Pile Gets the Most Beautiful Rescue - The End is Amazing

Today, all over world I came accross so many rescue organizations who are taking care of such pets and poor street animals who are in very critical condition. there are many cases I came to know where people leave their pet tied in the garden and left country forget about it and the pet was kept waiting, it was starving and was not able to see or stand beacuse of lack of food and proper shelter. such cruelity does not have mercy in heavens. is this what is called humanity. pets are meant for those people who really can take care of them as they do for their children not for those who bring them as their status symbol or or to catch theives or to take care of the house, these jobs are for some specially trained pets but they also need same attention and love.

I have a humble request from all humans please do not buy any animal or bird just to make them a show peice in your house, give them same attention, love and care as you provide your family member. Never leave them alone in the house when you are going out please leave them to a pet crech so that they can be feeded properly and taken care. provide them hostel until you return. Never beat or harm the pet and dont leave your pet alone just beacuase it is becoming old as that is the time when they need the most love from you.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Bleeding Fashion...

How would you feel if I tell you today, I bought a pair of shoes made out of girl skin or coat made of human skin with accessory made of real human eyes and nails and thread used is human hairs. you will straight away curse me or say I am so cruel, or even say I don't have Ruth on humans. here I would like to question those people who kill these muted animals just for money and cruelly rip of their skin.

Animals like tiger, panda, dear, rhinoceros, crocodiles, zebra, small animals like rabbit, squirrel, skunk, snake, koalas and many more to make expensive apparels, shoes and fashion accessories. These kind of things are still going on in our world, don't we feel pain when we are hurt so just try to feel the same pain these poor animals and birds lead to. Money can only be used to buy animal skin but any Money of any country can't make these precious animals live again once they are dead.

therefore try to stop these kind of crime and protect these precious gift of god, stop buying animal skin product and even complaint about those who buy or sell them.


Sunday, 11 November 2012

is fireworks necessary???

First of all, I would like to wish all my friends and readers a very 'HAPPY DEEPAWALI' and a happy new year and with that a question what is the true means of deepawali?   Deepavali (or Diwali) is the festival which broadly celebrates the triumph of good over evil primarily symbolized in the mythological epic of Ramayana in which the Hindu God Rama defeats his demonic adversary Ravana.The word Diwali has been derived from Deepavali which in turn is formed by dipa (light) + avali (row). Deepavali is thus a line or a row of lamps. During Diwali, lamps are lit everywhere. It is celebrated on four consecutive days.Customary traditions include offering prayers to the Gods in the morning and exchanging sweets with friends and neighbours. During the night the houses are adorned with small-lit oil lamps and colourful lights and then the entire family participates in the display of fireworks. deepawali or diwali is a festival celebrated in india since god Ram returned Ayodya with his beloved wife Goddess Sita and brother Laxman after his exile for 14 years. It is celebrated now for prosperity and get together of families at one place. but where it was written in ramayan or tell the name of the person who said that it is necessary to use fireworks to celebrate diwali. diwali means to celebrate that day with lights to remove darkness from your house and life, I say not only diwali people use fireworks at every occassion now a days have you ever thought how harmful it is for not only our health but our children and those poor mute animals. 

Did you know that animals have very acute hearing, loud bangs and whistles may cause them actual pain in their ears and even damage their brains. every year thousands of animal suffer from fireworks being let off, they are easily frightened even it is being proved that fireworks detrimental to companion animals and wildlife. even some people are so cruel that they even stick crackers to some stray animals tail which let them burn or even get killed while running for their life and they enjoy that moment. Is this we call humanity or the best way to celebrate festival, we should be ashamed of ourself. animals fleeing from fireworks often get lost or hit by cars while running here and there. 

Even the pets we have in our house did you ever noticed their behaviour on  diwali they shiver, howl, scare, refeuse to eat food and even hide. you enjoy your festival with noice and they feel pain and only pain. Therefore this diwali think twice before buying crackers that do you want to give life to your festival or death to poor animals. The best way for celebrating diwali is to save that money you wanted to spend on crackers and buy some food and shelter for needy animals. There life will give smile to your festival.  

Friday, 19 October 2012


Once upon a time there was a small boy, every day he use to go for a walk with his father in a park, where he use to play and watch greenery. one day while playing in the grass he found a seed, he picked it and said, 'hello! my friend', and took it home, he introduced his friend to his father and father said to the boy,' son your friend is very small just like you so tomorrow we are going to find your friend a home, but promise that you will take care of your friend everyday. the boy promised that he will never leave his friend alone.

Next day the boy and his father went to the park and planted the seed in the open space so that it have space to grow. Everyday boy use to visit to the park and give water and food to it and talk to the seed to make him feel it is not alone. Days passed like that only the seed slowly started sprouting and turn into a plant and then a tree. Every day boy use to come and spend time with the tree and in return gives the boy shade and fruit as a gift to his friendship. 

But as the time passed the boy was also growing into a man so he started visiting the tree very often, but whenever he visit the tree it become very happy, days passed, month passed and even years passed there was no sign of the boy, tree use to wait every moment by every wind, by every season tree think that the boy will return but there was no sign of him. 

After many years, tree started getting older and older it stopped producing fruit and leaves because of loneliness and sadness tree was becoming thin and dry without food and water.  Since one day a ball came crawling towards the tree and hit it, which shocked the sleeping tree, a small boy came around it searching for his ball looked at the tree and smiled. suddenly he called his father and said' dad is this the same tree you always said is your best friend, look i found it'. After hearing it tree starting crying with happiness and waiting to see his friend with joy and excitement. A man approached towards the tree with tears in his eyes touched the tree, hugged it tight and appologised for his absence, and provided food and water to the tree and with so much love tree again sprouted with joy , greenery and fruit. their friendship was remembered till generations.

MOTIVE:- Every thing on earth need a friend whether it is living or non living. As friendship is the only thing which has no expiry date.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Nominated For Liebster Blog Award.....

I just can't believe that my name has been nominated for Liebster Blog Award. I really would like to thank my friend Ipsita for thinking that I deserve it. Her blog link is I got a mail from her this morning that she nominated my name. I really want to thank her for encouraging me and make me feel that whatever I am writing has some meaning to it. Thank you Ipsita for making my day wonderful.

According to the rules I have to answer 11 questions that are posed to me and have to tell 11things about myself. Here are my answers to the questions:-
1. What genre do you usually write in? Ans:- I like to write about the things i feel right or wrong. That inspires me to take decisions in life. When I write something It feels like I am taking to Myself.
2. What is your favourite book and why? Ans :- Honestly i don't like to read much but Once I read a book on which movie 3 idiot was made, its called five point someone - why not to do at IIT by chetan bhagat. I find it inspiring and interesting.
3. What color best describes you? Ans:- I think its Blue. Because I think it tells more about the mood of a person.
4. What makes you feel blessed? Ans:- My parents they are My inspiration, My Idiols, My God. They made us understand that whatever happens in life never ever give up, just stand for what is important to whether it is life, career, love or friendship.
5. Cakes or chips? Ans:- I think chips, they are spicy like friendship, crispy like love, and has lots of flavours like a family.
6. Your favourite quote? Ans:- believe in yourself and your hardwork, stars will definately change one day.
7. If given a chance what would you like to change in you and why? Ans:- I think nothing because whatever happens in our life is a lesson to us without it we can never learn to become responsible.
8. Love writing or reading? Ans:- I like to write.
9. What tops your shopping list? Ans:- Gifts for my loved ones.
10. What keeps you busy? Ans:- I think its my husband. I think about him everytime.
11. The best you have learned as a blogger? Ans:- I have learned how to express and how to share what is needed with people. Which helped me come face to face with different kind of them, their views and what they like or not.
11things about myself:-
1. I am an interior and furniture designer, and an amature writer.
2. I love sketching, writing, cooking, shopping etc.
3. My insiprations are my parents, because of them i exist.
4. I love my husband, he encourages me to try new things in life.
5. I am a pet lover. I have a german spitz named jimmy.
6. My beliefs are, not to hurt anybody, believe in god, and always be there for friends.
7. I love to travel and do photography of nature.
8. I like to stay in touch with my friends always.
9. I dont like cheaters and liers.
10. I dont like people who harm poor animals, old people and children.
11. I am very moody sometimes.
Rules for nomination:-
As per the rules I have to nominate names of the bloggers having less then 200 members, so here are the names. Good luck to all of you :-)
1. Tanya soman:-
2. Ipsita:-
3. Kathy :-
4. Frank Deljam:-
My questions to you all are:- 1. What really you like about being a blogger? 2. How do you pursue our planet earth in coming 10 years? 3. Your favourite thing about your family? 4. Your hobbies? 5. A precious gift you got in your life? 6. A color describes you the best. 7. Favourite writer? 8. What do think about when I say a politition? 9. What keeps you busy? 10. Your favorite travelling spot? 11. Samsung or sony and why?

Good luck to you all. And best of luck:-)

Monday, 1 October 2012

One Cow, One Man, One Planet......

When god created this world, he made everything according to the ecological balance, in which it shows that everything depends on each other, as life depends on earth, water, air, sky and fire, we live on food and water, so does animals. But now a days, due to acess use of resources we get, there is hell lot of imbalance that we can see on this panet, cutting of trees, polluting water and air, blasting off the mountains for mines and stones, killing animals for their skin and meat, drilling more into earth for precious stones and fuel. All we think of producing money and preserve it for our generation so that they can lead their life happily. But what about other people, precious animals, other species and trees, do they not need care and support.

Recently I was watching a show on TV in which they were telling about how we are distroying our planet day by day and even not bothering about what will happen tommorow, one day there will be no water, food, animals, trees, and even no life on this planet just because of us so called 'HUMANS'.

Only one thing is there on this planet that can help us preserve what is left and even improve it that is use of 'COW DUNG'. In earlier days when there were no other resourses like today we have people used cow dung in various ways like fertilizers, fuel, insecticide, even source of light, thermal insulators and in result there was no pollution, less diseases, more trees and healthy enviorment, less killing of animals etc. And today where we have technology we can modify this dung in so many various ways to use it. But we are not using our brains in thats because we think it is old fashioned and unhygenic. Then why do we use LPG in cooking that is also made from the same dung. Hygine automatically comes after good health

Some people kill cows as for their so called tradition but I dont understand what they get in return by doing such shameless crime, just blood and dead bodies. Instead of that if they take care of these animals they can use their product wisely and produce revenue out of it. The biogas plant produces millions every year and even this kind of fuel is harmless to the nature. My research on web about the uses of cow dung till now and I came to know about 200 of them in which major uses are. Fuel, fertilizers, thermal insulators, bricks, food for water species, water purifiers, source of producing cheap electricity, food free from insecticides and pesticides, it produces massive amount of imployment in the collection and distribution of dung, seeds are protected, disposable campher lamps and many more.

'Dung can be the root of a well thought Indian economy. By killing non-milking female, a calf or old males by saying they are useless is killing indian economy', said by Menka Gandhi. They can be taken care for their waste which is more valuable. Hence, this planet can be saved just by taking care of animals male or female. They can lead us to the world's richest and healtheir country.