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Monday, 27 August 2012

The Change In Time!!

We always use to hear from our elders about what they use to do when they were young and what sort of things do they had to play with, or what kind of lifestyle they lived in and the type of food they use to eat before and even more endless story, and even with us it started happening that we tell our young one the same stories, but the point is why there is so much change in thinking, is this because of culture we our adapting, or the technology we are living with, or the its just we cant stand the fact that happened before the time we were born in was more suitable then today.

Today we have every facility we could imagine, cellphones, t v, mp4, ipads, wifi, good jobs, attractive salary, freedom to travel, more and more there is no full stop for it, but before getting happy for all these things that we have today have we ever imagine for what already exist and what we are leaving behind, does that matters to us, for example, healthy food, pure air, safe and green enviornment, precious animals and other water creatures, less diseases, etc. don't we miss these things. just imagine what have we taken from our elders and what are we giving to our younger. a very unsafe place to live in. we think we are wealthy if we have 24hr water and electricity, we have car to enjoy choices of petrol and diesel, we think providing a signed paper is the only way to ensure we our genuine. living in a house with a bigger parking space may also be not enough for a family of four. If i am wrong about all these stuff you are welcome to comment and please correct me on it.

Blaming each other for the condition we are living in is not the solution for what we are dealing today, unbalanced climatical conditions, pollution of water and air, extinction of precious species, loss of trees, and more over loosing faith and trust from each other. It easy to think that if it does not matters to others why should i interfere, but if everybody will think the same then nobody will come forward to take the first step.

Lets make it simple to understand that firstly we have to stop thinking that if nobody is doing i will also not do because if god has created us to make history he even wants us to protect what was there in history and not let it go easily. And start taking small steps to help earth and its creatures stay protected, like stop treating animals badly, if you see any injured animal or even any animal is being hurt by your vehicle or other dont just leave it dying there stop and help. There are many organization that are made for such animals and need your support.

Try to plant trees double the amount they are being cut daily, and even encourage your friend and family, try and make this a responsibility not a social publicity stunt. Stop polluting air and water, if you have to go some where within the range of 1 to 2 kms try and go by bycycle or just by walking, and on the traffic signals turn off your engines that will help us save fuel and money both. Try not to waste water, in restaurants you must have noticed that waiter keep on filling water in empty glasses on table even if the person has finished eating, start saying no to the waiter if you dont need more water. Use bucket to wash cars and to take bath.

we usually see our government giving us various rule and regulation regarding these matters, many advertisements on t v, newspaper and magazines also try to aware us but we dont listen to them and started to blame them that they are not doing there duties, the problem is within us we have to change if we have to increase our life with all those thing which has importance in our life not the materialist things who changes according to trend. I have taken this initiative to talk about this matter because it matters to me and i have promised myself that if nobody will take initiative to be with me i dont care because i will take some actions to save my planet, and i will be more happy if you take some steps and join me. Its our world and we are not the destroyers, LETS BE A SAVIOUR.

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