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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

listen to the seasons.....

Seasons, every time they change,
and leave their memories,
but why i always think there is some reason behind these,
May be there is some message,
why their voices always change as if,
they are saying that we had
not listen to them from an age.

When in January, the sigh of cold shiver us,
and says,' think about these trees and animals, 
who need your care, as they are becoming old.
they have no fireplace with them,
and also their shelter land is sold.

Where in mid june, the sun makes your skin tan,
the breeze with dust blows into your eyes,
so that you can rub them and see those poor human,
who don't have clothes to cover their skin
and searching food in the garbage,
all they get is a choice to beg in that empty coke tin.

Then comes August, the showers of heavy rains ,
you and your family enjoying,
snack with tea without any pain,
thunder you scare me sometime,
as you want me to reach to the sea,
where lots of dolphins are crying,
for all the creatures dying from the industrial waste you see.

there is no language of a cry,
even no words to a sigh,
it is just that what we see and feel,
help is what the earth needs from us,
because whatever all is happening,
it definately have some purpose.

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