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Thursday, 30 August 2012

"Mother, My Existence Is Also Important"....

Good day, to all you people out there, I want to share about myself, want to meet you all one day, want to get educated and spread knowledge, want to get marry, want to help poor and needy, want to be a part of this society, want to feel that I exist.

"Do you feel my existence inside you, Mother", Can you feel a girl or a boy, does your love and care makes any difference to it. What matters if I am a girl, I can also study as god gave me mind, I can also help people in need as god gave me hand, I can also feel this pain of the world as I have that heart too, then why am I different from my brothers, and you are so forced to get me killed.

picture taken by shilpa gulgulia

A girl child is as precious as a boy child, their smiles makes us happy, their first step makes us cry with joy, Today majority of girls are educated, successful and established in all over the world. then also in various places in various families whether they are rich or poor, illiterate or educated, rural or urban, these kind of activities are still happening, Mothers are forced to get gender examinations and then without telling them there child is killed.

Even this matter was raised by Mr. Amir Khan in his show "SATYAMEV JAYATE", where came to know about various shocking case studies conducted by them, can't imagine that for some money  those people whom we call life saviours get ready to kill a life which is not yet born. last month I came through 10 such cases in which a girl child was found struggling her life in garbage, near hospitals, in parks etc.

I feel pity for those mothers who are forced to get pregnant of a chosen child. The pain is all a mother gets when she has to choose between her child and her family. Some mothers are being told to leave the house because she gave birth to a female child.

Why there is so much difference, why still a girl child is treated as burden and slave, why can't a father love her daughter same as his son. There are so many little innocent eyes waiting for a single drop of attention towards them.

We have to do something together, we can make those mothers aware not to get ultra sound done until doctor ask them or is very necessary. Awareness to the family about the importance of a female child.  Please stop this crime because doing such crime is harmful to both mother and child.

" Mother you have to fight for my existence, I am there to support and I promise I always will be".

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