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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

An Aging Population Is Not A Curse...

Today, while sitting idol I was missing my parents and grand parents, thinking about the moments we shared, love and care they gave me, mom making the world's yummiest food, papa my partner in crime and his lessons about bright future and my hero, grandpa like the strongest person in family takes care of everybody, and grandma making spicy pickles and telling interesting fairy tales at night. Whatever they taught me about life, protected me and guided me for every hurdle of life. and then I thought I am so lucky to have them in my life. Because of them I came to know about past, present, future, love, respect, care and our culture.

Today they are so precious to me But, I am scared about what could happen tommorow when they need me, will I be able to love them the way they loved me, will be able to care them and fullfill their every need as they fullfilled mine. As I see many families are doing to the elderly people, recently many organisations, tv shows, newspapers are showing cases about how a son betray his parents and leave them alone to die. from the day a mother gave birth to a child she makes promise to protect it and the father becomes more responsible toward family and they together sacrifice their every precious moment for their child better future and in return never ask anything and that child when his parents need his support and care he says no and leave them or make them leave home. For some share in properties or some money they hurt their parents.

Parents are like the foundation of a house, the precious gift of god, the origin of life, the creater of this world next to god. Because of their ways of understanding, caring, ability of decision making and blessing us to move forward in the way of success and never turn back. But, turning back does not mean that we forget them. Now a days specially in young generation people think that old people just interfere in their lives, there is so much generation gap, or they have cheap and poor thinking. Parents can fulfill every child need whether they are 2,4,6,8 or 10 children at their time. But today even four children together cannot take care of their single parent. Making a child grow, make him study, make his career, get him married is not only every parent responsibility but also their dream, and children always run away from their responsibility.

We watch movies like avtaar ( Rajesh Khanna), baghban (Amitabh Bachan), watch serials like "Satyamev Jayate" where we get to know about how childen hurt their parents and leave them in the old age to struggle and wait for their death, they make such movies and tv shows to aware us and make us know about the importance of parents in our lives.

Have you ever came across any old age home and tried to hear any cases there, when some children could be so cruel to those blurred eyes such old age homes takes place. Because when god has given birth he has also provided some place for us to survive also. But I think we should stop here and think that why these kind of old age homes even exist, why cant we take care of our parents, all they need is little respect, care, love and support. Dont leave them in their last stage because their shiverring legs cant catch you, their blurred eyes cant see way back home and their wrinkled hands need your hand to walk. They will not speak up there pain as a born child but can cry out their eyes to wait for you till their life ends.

Today I am making a promise to myself that what so ever happens I will never let my parents cry and think that they are alone in this world and will give them love, care and support till the last day of my life. I love you ma and pa...and always will be. You are god to me.

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