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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Everytime 'I' Is Not Important....

Today, everything is moving fast, lifestyle, jobs, money, relationships etc. nobody has time to notice what is happening next door or even next room in the same family, there is so much isolation and stress which is taking over our minds and even though we have noticed that every second house out of ten has some or the other problem whether it is mental, social, financial, or even physical.
It is not generalised for any age group but most commonly seen in couples. There can be many reasons behind it. but the point is why can't those people whom we say are made for each other or their pair is made in heaven, suddenly can't even tolerate each other face. Those who dream of their wife or husband to be the perfect one before marriage why suddenly that person become their worst nightmare after marriage.

Here are some of the reasons which couples give after their arguments or fight:-
I made a wrong decision, Thats just the way I am, I got violent with her and she got violent with me, I lost my temper, I Could'nt take it anymore, I am not satisfied with the relationship, I am earning more, I had an old fashioned way of doing things, I was drunk, I am the Boss.

Someone has to remove this 'I' factor. Because nobody notice what will be the effect of these things on family, society and specially kids. While parents fight children get surrounded with fear, haterate, violence, shelfishness, mental stress, abusive vocabulary, wrong society, and specially loneliness. Every child learn things what their parents do. If this kind of violent enviorment is what you give in return you will also get the same from them and even this violence is far more dangerous when couple start doing physical tortures. Husband hits his wife and children, abuse them and in the stage of extreme anger even kill them. Just feel the pain of killing someone who you consider to be your better half or your life partner. And this is true that whatever a person does wrong in his present life one day he has to pay back.

There can be many ways to overcome such domestic violence, Firstly stop thinking just about yourself because a family complete one when everybody thinks about everybody. If you often get angry or aggressive start some kind of anger management course or start taking about your problems to your loved ones that will help you feel stress free. Never use physical objects to hurt your loved one or any ther person because every problem can not be solved with weapons only, a peacefull talk can do all your jobs. Just treat your life partner as equal as you are. Trust your partner and don't think that every person is perfect in this world. If argument starts one should try to stay calm the argument will automatically stop.

A healthy relationship can only lead when partners will work together and that will lead to a happy family.

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