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Monday, 1 October 2012

One Cow, One Man, One Planet......

When god created this world, he made everything according to the ecological balance, in which it shows that everything depends on each other, as life depends on earth, water, air, sky and fire, we live on food and water, so does animals. But now a days, due to acess use of resources we get, there is hell lot of imbalance that we can see on this panet, cutting of trees, polluting water and air, blasting off the mountains for mines and stones, killing animals for their skin and meat, drilling more into earth for precious stones and fuel. All we think of producing money and preserve it for our generation so that they can lead their life happily. But what about other people, precious animals, other species and trees, do they not need care and support.

Recently I was watching a show on TV in which they were telling about how we are distroying our planet day by day and even not bothering about what will happen tommorow, one day there will be no water, food, animals, trees, and even no life on this planet just because of us so called 'HUMANS'.

Only one thing is there on this planet that can help us preserve what is left and even improve it that is use of 'COW DUNG'. In earlier days when there were no other resourses like today we have people used cow dung in various ways like fertilizers, fuel, insecticide, even source of light, thermal insulators and in result there was no pollution, less diseases, more trees and healthy enviorment, less killing of animals etc. And today where we have technology we can modify this dung in so many various ways to use it. But we are not using our brains in thats because we think it is old fashioned and unhygenic. Then why do we use LPG in cooking that is also made from the same dung. Hygine automatically comes after good health

Some people kill cows as for their so called tradition but I dont understand what they get in return by doing such shameless crime, just blood and dead bodies. Instead of that if they take care of these animals they can use their product wisely and produce revenue out of it. The biogas plant produces millions every year and even this kind of fuel is harmless to the nature. My research on web about the uses of cow dung till now and I came to know about 200 of them in which major uses are. Fuel, fertilizers, thermal insulators, bricks, food for water species, water purifiers, source of producing cheap electricity, food free from insecticides and pesticides, it produces massive amount of imployment in the collection and distribution of dung, seeds are protected, disposable campher lamps and many more.

'Dung can be the root of a well thought Indian economy. By killing non-milking female, a calf or old males by saying they are useless is killing indian economy', said by Menka Gandhi. They can be taken care for their waste which is more valuable. Hence, this planet can be saved just by taking care of animals male or female. They can lead us to the world's richest and healtheir country.



Atul Kumar Pandey said...

Good post...Like It.

Atul Kumar Pandey said...

Good Post...Mice

shilpa gulgulia said...

Thank you :-)

Aqueel Mansoor said...

very informative post.I feel we should be concerned with our environmental health. nice post

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