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Friday, 5 October 2012

Nominated For Liebster Blog Award.....

I just can't believe that my name has been nominated for Liebster Blog Award. I really would like to thank my friend Ipsita for thinking that I deserve it. Her blog link is I got a mail from her this morning that she nominated my name. I really want to thank her for encouraging me and make me feel that whatever I am writing has some meaning to it. Thank you Ipsita for making my day wonderful.

According to the rules I have to answer 11 questions that are posed to me and have to tell 11things about myself. Here are my answers to the questions:-
1. What genre do you usually write in? Ans:- I like to write about the things i feel right or wrong. That inspires me to take decisions in life. When I write something It feels like I am taking to Myself.
2. What is your favourite book and why? Ans :- Honestly i don't like to read much but Once I read a book on which movie 3 idiot was made, its called five point someone - why not to do at IIT by chetan bhagat. I find it inspiring and interesting.
3. What color best describes you? Ans:- I think its Blue. Because I think it tells more about the mood of a person.
4. What makes you feel blessed? Ans:- My parents they are My inspiration, My Idiols, My God. They made us understand that whatever happens in life never ever give up, just stand for what is important to whether it is life, career, love or friendship.
5. Cakes or chips? Ans:- I think chips, they are spicy like friendship, crispy like love, and has lots of flavours like a family.
6. Your favourite quote? Ans:- believe in yourself and your hardwork, stars will definately change one day.
7. If given a chance what would you like to change in you and why? Ans:- I think nothing because whatever happens in our life is a lesson to us without it we can never learn to become responsible.
8. Love writing or reading? Ans:- I like to write.
9. What tops your shopping list? Ans:- Gifts for my loved ones.
10. What keeps you busy? Ans:- I think its my husband. I think about him everytime.
11. The best you have learned as a blogger? Ans:- I have learned how to express and how to share what is needed with people. Which helped me come face to face with different kind of them, their views and what they like or not.
11things about myself:-
1. I am an interior and furniture designer, and an amature writer.
2. I love sketching, writing, cooking, shopping etc.
3. My insiprations are my parents, because of them i exist.
4. I love my husband, he encourages me to try new things in life.
5. I am a pet lover. I have a german spitz named jimmy.
6. My beliefs are, not to hurt anybody, believe in god, and always be there for friends.
7. I love to travel and do photography of nature.
8. I like to stay in touch with my friends always.
9. I dont like cheaters and liers.
10. I dont like people who harm poor animals, old people and children.
11. I am very moody sometimes.
Rules for nomination:-
As per the rules I have to nominate names of the bloggers having less then 200 members, so here are the names. Good luck to all of you :-)
1. Tanya soman:-
2. Ipsita:-
3. Kathy :-
4. Frank Deljam:-
My questions to you all are:- 1. What really you like about being a blogger? 2. How do you pursue our planet earth in coming 10 years? 3. Your favourite thing about your family? 4. Your hobbies? 5. A precious gift you got in your life? 6. A color describes you the best. 7. Favourite writer? 8. What do think about when I say a politition? 9. What keeps you busy? 10. Your favorite travelling spot? 11. Samsung or sony and why?

Good luck to you all. And best of luck:-)


Epsita Loves Writing said...

Thank you Shilpa for accepting this award and replying to all my questions. Just loved your answers. Stay inspired and positive.
Thanks so much for nominating me for this award again. I am so very excited!!! Will soon post the answers to your question:)

Steve said...

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