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Friday, 19 October 2012


Once upon a time there was a small boy, every day he use to go for a walk with his father in a park, where he use to play and watch greenery. one day while playing in the grass he found a seed, he picked it and said, 'hello! my friend', and took it home, he introduced his friend to his father and father said to the boy,' son your friend is very small just like you so tomorrow we are going to find your friend a home, but promise that you will take care of your friend everyday. the boy promised that he will never leave his friend alone.

Next day the boy and his father went to the park and planted the seed in the open space so that it have space to grow. Everyday boy use to visit to the park and give water and food to it and talk to the seed to make him feel it is not alone. Days passed like that only the seed slowly started sprouting and turn into a plant and then a tree. Every day boy use to come and spend time with the tree and in return gives the boy shade and fruit as a gift to his friendship. 

But as the time passed the boy was also growing into a man so he started visiting the tree very often, but whenever he visit the tree it become very happy, days passed, month passed and even years passed there was no sign of the boy, tree use to wait every moment by every wind, by every season tree think that the boy will return but there was no sign of him. 

After many years, tree started getting older and older it stopped producing fruit and leaves because of loneliness and sadness tree was becoming thin and dry without food and water.  Since one day a ball came crawling towards the tree and hit it, which shocked the sleeping tree, a small boy came around it searching for his ball looked at the tree and smiled. suddenly he called his father and said' dad is this the same tree you always said is your best friend, look i found it'. After hearing it tree starting crying with happiness and waiting to see his friend with joy and excitement. A man approached towards the tree with tears in his eyes touched the tree, hugged it tight and appologised for his absence, and provided food and water to the tree and with so much love tree again sprouted with joy , greenery and fruit. their friendship was remembered till generations.

MOTIVE:- Every thing on earth need a friend whether it is living or non living. As friendship is the only thing which has no expiry date.

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