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Sunday, 11 November 2012

is fireworks necessary???

First of all, I would like to wish all my friends and readers a very 'HAPPY DEEPAWALI' and a happy new year and with that a question what is the true means of deepawali?   Deepavali (or Diwali) is the festival which broadly celebrates the triumph of good over evil primarily symbolized in the mythological epic of Ramayana in which the Hindu God Rama defeats his demonic adversary Ravana.The word Diwali has been derived from Deepavali which in turn is formed by dipa (light) + avali (row). Deepavali is thus a line or a row of lamps. During Diwali, lamps are lit everywhere. It is celebrated on four consecutive days.Customary traditions include offering prayers to the Gods in the morning and exchanging sweets with friends and neighbours. During the night the houses are adorned with small-lit oil lamps and colourful lights and then the entire family participates in the display of fireworks. deepawali or diwali is a festival celebrated in india since god Ram returned Ayodya with his beloved wife Goddess Sita and brother Laxman after his exile for 14 years. It is celebrated now for prosperity and get together of families at one place. but where it was written in ramayan or tell the name of the person who said that it is necessary to use fireworks to celebrate diwali. diwali means to celebrate that day with lights to remove darkness from your house and life, I say not only diwali people use fireworks at every occassion now a days have you ever thought how harmful it is for not only our health but our children and those poor mute animals. 

Did you know that animals have very acute hearing, loud bangs and whistles may cause them actual pain in their ears and even damage their brains. every year thousands of animal suffer from fireworks being let off, they are easily frightened even it is being proved that fireworks detrimental to companion animals and wildlife. even some people are so cruel that they even stick crackers to some stray animals tail which let them burn or even get killed while running for their life and they enjoy that moment. Is this we call humanity or the best way to celebrate festival, we should be ashamed of ourself. animals fleeing from fireworks often get lost or hit by cars while running here and there. 

Even the pets we have in our house did you ever noticed their behaviour on  diwali they shiver, howl, scare, refeuse to eat food and even hide. you enjoy your festival with noice and they feel pain and only pain. Therefore this diwali think twice before buying crackers that do you want to give life to your festival or death to poor animals. The best way for celebrating diwali is to save that money you wanted to spend on crackers and buy some food and shelter for needy animals. There life will give smile to your festival.  

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