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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Just Love Is All We Need !!

Do you really think life is as simple as you think it is, I don't think so every living thing in this world need love to lead their life as a need of water and food. As we need friends, family, life partner and children in our life because they are part of it and if we still feel lonely we bring a small pet at home so that we can share some valuable moments with them share love with them provide them care, food and shelter. They become part of our family and even they feel the same for us. Pet is a most loyal friend of a human as we all know whether it is dog, cat, guinea pig, rat, monkey, or any other animal they know how to pay back the love they get from human.

But we human forget them, some people start finding them irritating at a stage when their pet grow up but when they were small they were adorable. some bring them home to fulfill their need of children and when they get their own they leave their pet to die as they start to think it can infect their children. what kind of humans they are !! in my opinion they don't themselves deserve to live. and definatelly those who think beating these poor animals make any sense, and even it is said that "punishing any mute is the most unforgivable crime in the eyes of god". beating with anything in hand, closing them in dark closet, leaving them alone in house, and even shout on them unneccessarily. just think what is the meaning of your life without love and care and even food sometime. Blind Dog Living in a Trash Pile Gets the Most Beautiful Rescue - The End is Amazing

Today, all over world I came accross so many rescue organizations who are taking care of such pets and poor street animals who are in very critical condition. there are many cases I came to know where people leave their pet tied in the garden and left country forget about it and the pet was kept waiting, it was starving and was not able to see or stand beacuse of lack of food and proper shelter. such cruelity does not have mercy in heavens. is this what is called humanity. pets are meant for those people who really can take care of them as they do for their children not for those who bring them as their status symbol or or to catch theives or to take care of the house, these jobs are for some specially trained pets but they also need same attention and love.

I have a humble request from all humans please do not buy any animal or bird just to make them a show peice in your house, give them same attention, love and care as you provide your family member. Never leave them alone in the house when you are going out please leave them to a pet crech so that they can be feeded properly and taken care. provide them hostel until you return. Never beat or harm the pet and dont leave your pet alone just beacuase it is becoming old as that is the time when they need the most love from you.

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